Lovett proudly hosts one of the first (college) public parties of the fall semester! It is a privilege we’ve earned and held for DECADES. The main focus of the party is to introduce the new students to the high level at which we throw themed parties on Rice campus. The party’s theme is announced weeks before the party is held in the Lovett commons. So get with your friends, come up with cool costumes, and show Rice that Lovett knows how to party!


Casino Party

Lovett’s Casino Party is a classy soirée, and the best party of the spring semester, during which Lovetteers descend on a fully decked out Lovett quad and commons for a night of casino games, themed activities, and a great time. The themed facade in the quad is built entirely by Lovetteers (a great way to earn freshman service hours) and in past years facades have included a James Bond city, light designs using Lovett’s grating, and the Playboy Mansion (re-plete with Bunnies).



Sid Rich

The Sid Colony casts an ominous specter over the shining visage of Lovett College. Sid Richardson Colony was built two years after Lovett, in OUR PARKING LOT. So, logically, Lovett claimed the new building as its rightful colony. During certain times of the year (O-Week, Beer Bike, Finals) the Sid Colonists become quite rebellious and must be put in their rightful place! Lovett crusades valiantly to restore order to the land that was once rightfully ours. Such is our rivalry with Sid.


Will Rice

Lovett has a rivalry of a very different kind with Will Rice. The main difference between our two colleges is how we carry ourselves. Will Rice may seem too competitive at times with its very singular focus on athletics. At Lovett, we are a bit more relaxed. Although we also do VERY well on and off the field (Lovett has won the President’s Cup SIX out of the past SEVEN YEARS), we value having fun above all else, and realize that winning isn’t everything—something that Will Ricers seem to lose sight of.




Late in April, Lovett College celebrates the birthday of Edgar Odell Lovett, its namesake and Rice’s first president with an all-day outdoor festival. Join your fellow Lovetteers in celebrating another year well-spent at Lovett with tie-dye and spray-paint, giant inflatable slip and slides, and music and dancing in the lovely Houston sun, while preparing a delicious feast of crawfish for the entire college.


Second Floor Sundeck

Located on Lovett’s second floor next to the staircase is a fabulous sundeck. Outfitted with reclining chairs and a table, the Sundeck is a great place to relax, tan, or socialize. Lovett events like the Graduation Party and college nights happen on the Sundeck! The sundeck’s location is also a bonus—located right next to second floor. Lovett’s second floor is home to some of the friendliest students at the college. They often prop their doors open and welcome impromptu company!


Commons Culture

One of the most unique aspects of Lovett College is our amazing community of “the Commons,” which are always a hub activity. During every meal, the Upper Commons is full of Loveteers hungry for food and socialization, and even during the wee hours of the night, at least one Lovetteer is bound to be awake and “studying”. Lower Commons includes game tables, couches with a TV area, and off campus lockers. Loveteers who spend a lot of time in the Commons (and we mean A LOT - it’s not uncommon to see a few people sleeping) are known as "Commoners". Twice a year, Lovett celebrates our Commons with the Middle Commons Ball, in which we hold an awesome dance party on the middle step connecting the Lower and Upper Commons.


Cobb Wall

Back in the day, food was shipped in from a central campus kitchen and freshmen were made to serve upperclassmen dinner before eating themselves. The infamous “Cobb” was a Lovetteer who was not well liked at all. A particularly rebellious Lovett freshman whose name has been forever lost to memory immortalized Cobb by writing “Cobb Sucks” on the commons bathroom wall. Housing and Dining painted over the wall, and it was rewritten. Over the years H&D has attempted to cover the message, and still Lovetteers have responded by reaffirming how much Cobb still sucks.

Lovett Crest
Designed and Created By:
Henry Creamer, Minh Le, Yongy Shin
Robert Walsh, & Stephanie Xie