Each residential college has a number of Academic Fellows, upperclassmen selected based on proven academic achievement and demonstrated willingness to help fellow students. Fellows offer free academic assistance on a regular basis (“office hours” in the college commons), conduct review sessions leading up to midterms, and provide individual tutoring by request. Additionally, Lovett’s Academic Fellows organize the annual Lovett Undergraduate Research Symposium (LURS), an opportunity for Lovett students to present their research and compete for prestige and cash prizes. For more information on Rice’s campus-wide Academic Fellows program, please visit this link.

To access the fellow study resource, please log into your Rice email and click on the text below:


This is the current Office Hour schedule:

Below are a list of Lovett’s Academic Fellows, their fields of study, courses they can help with, and contact information (* indicates Head Fellow).

Name Field(s) of Study Courses Email
Nikhil Chellam* CHBE, HIST, Pre-Grad CHEM 301/312/360 nsc3
Julia Greenberg* MSNE, BUSI (minor) CAAM 335, BUSI 305 jrg9
Aadith Vittala* BIOC, PHYS, Pre-Med, Pre-Grad MATH 211/212, PHYS 125/126 asv2
Bella Bunten HART, MDEM, Pre-Grad Writing iab5
Stephen Chamness CHEM, Pre-Grad CHEM 211/212/320 sac11
Divya Choudhury NEUR, HIST, BIOC (minor), Pre-Med NEUR 385/380/362 dsc5
Henry Creamer COMP, STAT (minor), DSCI (minor) STAT 310/315/410 hmc5
Owais Fazal SOPA, GLHT (minor), Pre-Med MATH 101/102, CHEM 121/122 of3
Ariel Feldman COMP, CSCI, NEUR (minor), Pre-Grad NEUR 383/385, COMP 140 akf1
Julia Fisher HART, ENGL, Museums & Cultural Heritage (minor) Writing jnf2
Nikhil Gattu CHEM, BIOC (minor), Pre-Med CHEM 121/122, BIOC 201 ng29
Diksha Gupta COMP COMP 140/182, MATH 211 dg46
Emily Huth BIOC, Pre-Med BIOC 201/301 eah11
Mak Jankovsky COMP, BUSI (minor), BIOC (minor) COMP 140/182/382 mkj7
Emily Klineberg POLI, POST, SOCI (minor), Pre-Law POLI 212, SOCI 101, Writing esk6
Anirudh Kuchibhatla ELEC ELEC 241/242/326 ask9
Sarah Lasater SOPA, BIOC (minor), Pre-Med ECON 203, POLI 338 sel6
Minh Le COMP COMP 182/382/421, JAPA ml67
Madison Miller CSCI, NEUR (minor), BIOC (minor), Pre-Med PSYC 101/203 mgm9
Anamitra Paul PHYS, MATH PHYS 111/112, MATH 211/212 ap59
Alex Pollatos CHEM, NEUR (minor), Pre-Grad CHEM 211/212, ECON 200 asp8
Michael Riccardi MECH, Pre-Grad MECH 200/203, MATH 211/212 mpr8
Olivia Trotto CSCI, Pre-Med LING 200, SPAN obt1
Hannah Wei PSYC, BIOC (minor), Pre-Law POLI 212, SOCI 101, Writing hw33

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