Rice gives Lovett College a budget every year based on how many students we have. We spend this budget every year on events like Associates’ Night and Beer Bike as well as purchasing new items for the college. The budget is managed by two students, a senior treasurer (Michael Young) and junior treasurer (Claire Boschert).

For further information on the budget follow these links:

                                    The Budget Broken Down      Lovett's Money: A Quick How-To

Important elected official in need of a P-Card? First you must pass this quiz!

Did you just spend some of Lovett's money? If so, please report your spending here!

Are you about to spend more than $100 of Lovett's money or using money from another committee? If so, please submit a money request!

*Note: if you’re having trouble with any of these links, please try to access them with your Rice gmail account.

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