Peer Academic Advisors, or “PAAs”, are students that have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academic life here at Rice and serve as liaisons between students, faculty advisors, and the Office of Academic Advising. Generally speaking, college PAA teams coordinate numerous group and individual activities that attempt to strengthen the academic vitality at their respective residential colleges. PAAs offer accurate advice regarding specific classes, research opportunities, studying abroad, academic rules, regulations, and procedures, and any topic as it relates to academics at Rice.

Even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every detailed question, as fellow students, they can serve as familiar and approachable contacts who can point students in the right direction of the proper resources. In this way, interactions between academics, learning, and especially advising are ongoing dynamic conversations which involve multiple perspectives, not just a prescription for registration. For more information on Rice’s Peer Academic Advisor program, please visit the following link.

Below are the list of Lovett College's PAAs with their field(s) of study, year, and contact information (* indicates Head PAAs). Don't hesitate to ask any of them if you need help with your academic plans!

Name Field(s) of Study Year Email
Hannah Andersen* BIOE, GLHT (minor), Engineering Design (minor) 2021 hca2
Cole Lambo* ASIA, ECON, PLST (minor), Pre-Grad 2021 csl7
Sarah Rosenthal* POLI, BIOC (minor), Pre-Med, Pre-Grad 2020 swr5
Claire Boschert EBIO, VADA (Theater concentration), Pre-Grad 2021 ckb3
Bella Bunten HART, MDEM, Pre-Grad 2021 iab5
Stephen Chamness CHEM, Pre-Grad 2021 sac11
Divya Choudhury NEUR, HIST, BIOC (minor), Pre-Med 2021 dsc5
Ariana Engles RELI, KINE, Pre-Health 2020 ace10
Xin Hao COMP, CAAM 2022 xh23
Camsy Huang BIOE, Pre-Med 2022 chy3
Tanvi Jadhav HIST, SOCI, PLST (minor), Pre-Grad, Pre-Law 2021 thj1
Lauren Kang PSYC, BUSI (minor), Pre-Grad 2021 ljk2
Matan Lieber-Kotz CHBE 2022 mal16
Madison Miller CSCI, NEUR (minor), BIOC (minor), Pre-Med 2021 mgm9
Chloe Oani SMGT, ECON, Pre-Law 2021 cpo2
Alex Pollatos CHEM, NEUR (minor), Pre-Grad 2021 asp8
Kaarthika Thakker COMP, SOCI (minor) 2020 kdt6
Aadith Vittala BIOC, PHYS, Pre-Med, Pre-Grad 2021 abw5
Ben Zaltsman ELEC, Engineering Design (minor) 2022 bz22

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